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An elaborate world with an even more sophisticated story.

Anthem is set to be one of the biggest releases of 2019 and we have just been teased with new info on the story and its surrounding world. With a new trailer, BioWare give us our first taste of Anthems’ story line, not much is given, however it is enough to leave us wanting more.

There isn’t much in the way of a story line being given, but we do know that there is one now. The combat mechanics however look almost flawless. Here’s hoping it plays as well as it looks in demos.

Word from the Devs of Anthem.

BioWare were interviewed by the folks over at at Gamescom this year. It was there that Anthem director Jon Warner made claimed that Anthem still holds true to BioWare’s roots but is an expansion to their horizons.

“If you look at BioWare games on a spectrum, from Baldur’s Gate to Neverwinter, and Jade Empire to Knights of the Old Republic, to Mass Effect and Dragon Age, you’ll see that the games have always been about evolving our technique and storytelling… so the way that we look at it, Anthem is not a departure, it’s the continued evolution of our craft and our technique,”

Anthems Multiplayer capability

Jon also stated that;

“We never ever want people to regret spending time with us, or spending money with us, and that’s something that’s really important to us as gamers and as creators.”

Hopefully this will mean a good flow of communications between the Anthem community and the developers, something that I have to praise ‘Epic Games’ for doing so well.

Anthem has a lot of hype to live up to. Hopefully BioWare make the correct moves and come up with something ingenious. No one knows what is to come, one can only hope it’s for the best.

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